Similarities of High Converting Landing Pages

Your landing page is your product's showcase, and in some cases, it is your product. As we were building Tractific, we have been looking at highly converting landing pages. After seeing hundreds of them, we noticed certain features that all of them have. In this post, some of those features will be discussed with examples.


The hero is the first thing that we see when we look at a landing page. It is most probably what your visitors will remember after leaving your website. So it must clearly demonstrate what your product is about. A few quick fixes:

Miro heroMiro uses a powerful hero with a clear selling point, target audience, and an enticing call to action.


Personas help you to build your product and it is also important on your landing page. Your personas should be clear for you and your visitors. If you add them to your landing page, your visitors can clearly engage with it if they identify themselves as one of the personas. Thus they would like to see your product. The most important thing about personas is you must write it in a way that your visitors can understand how your product will benefit them. Do not talk about your product, make it about your visitors. Talk about their problems, daily hustles, and in the last sentence, a call to action.

Tractific personaWe put a lot of effort and thought into our persona block, so I think we can give our website as an example :)

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Contrasting Colors

It was a little surprising to see this on highly converting websites but they all have contrasting colors. We also changed Tractific this week to include some contrast and it had a dramatic change in beta signups. Contrasting colors make your content shine and make it more engaging. Also, there are a lot of colorblind people and contrasting colors increase the readability of your landing page. There is a great tool called Contrast Ratio Calculator and you can calculate the contrast ratio between your header and background or subheader and background video, etc. You can aim for a ratio between 14-21 percent.

Striqo contrastStriqo looks amazing with contrasting colors!


Trust is key in our life. As we need it in interpersonal relationships, we also need it to purchase a product. One of the best ways to build trust is testimonials. They show that others bought your product and that they are really happy with it. The critical thing about testimonials is to make the benefit more concrete with numbers. For example, a testimonial can include I used 'your product' and my conversions increased by %170, or I used 'your product' and I reached 1000 more users in a week. People love statistics and concrete benefits when they are thinking about buying a product. In fact, one study found that when asked how important reading online reviews were before purchasing a product, 38% of respondents answered “very important” and 19% responded “extremely important".

Albert testimonialsAlbert uses their research data collected from their users to build social proof.

About Us

The about us block is also really common among high converting landing pages. It gives a sense of personality to your product. It shows the visitor that there are real people behind the product. Also, include your mission and your background in the about us block to show the visitor that you also encountered the same problem and built the product to solve your problem, or another reason why you built your product.

Nomad Cooks about usNomad Cooks has an incredible about us part which clearly shows that the writer has experience with the problem he solves.

How It Works

How it works is probably the most common block of highly converting landing pages. It guides the visitor through the process. It answers possible questions of visitors regarding your product. Keep it short and simple. This block should ideally include 3-4 steps. Start with the first action and always end with the possible happy ending. For example, you can start with 'integrate our tool' and end with 'make your visitors happier than ever'. You can also link those steps to the features block of your landing page to make them even more clear.

Frontend Mentor how it worksFrontend Mentor's How It Works block is really simple and answers all of your questions.


After seeing hundreds of highly converting landing pages for our product, it was clear that there is a secret formula to a good conversion rate. And we wanted to share it with you. The secret formula is:

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