Why Did Discord Become Successful: User Experience.

What makes Discord's user experience so great that they have a massive user base?

December 12th, 2020

A Definitive Guide to Churn Rate

In this article, we will start with the formula of churn rate, its reasons, proven ways to reduce it, and ways to implement customer obsession to your company culture. This definitive guide will be all you need to analyze and decrease the churn rate.

October 26th, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Persona

For a long time, marketing's purpose was solely selling. However, with the ad fatigue of customers, things have changed. Marketing turned into a competition in which value wins.

August 3rd, 2020

How to Do A/B Testing

You develop a new feature that your users have been waiting for and suddenly all the metrics go up. How can you be sure that the reason for the recent spike is because of the feature you added and not because of the recent press coverage of your company? Welcome to the world of a/b testing.

July 25th, 2020

This Is How You Write Emails That Convert

Email is the cheapest marketing method. You don't have to spend money on it unless you send millions of emails per month, and it is highly effective if you use it right. A part of writing a good email involves basic and the other part is all about cohort analysis. In this article, we will give 9 tips to write emails that convert.

July 24th, 2020

Building Smarter Products

According to studies, high-performing businesses are 34% more likely to have an above-average understanding of customer needs. In this article we will give tips to build smarter products with a better understanding of customer.

July 22nd, 2020

Why Churn Rate Analysis is the Key to Success

Churn analysis helps you to understand your customers' pain points with your product and why they stop paying for it. Thus it can save your business and save you a lot of time and money.

July 21st, 2020

6 Best Value Propositions to Get Inspired

Creating value and culture are the most important things and sometimes coming up with a value proposition may be hard even though we all know what we offer. In this article, we will give 6 great value propositions in order to inspire you and push you a little bit to come up with a great value proposition yourself.

July 13th, 2020

This Is How You Can Write a Killer Copy

The landing page is the first thing visitors see. You got approximately 15 seconds to attract your visitors' attention. To make every second count, you should be careful with your copy. In this article, you will learn how to write an SEO friendly copy. You don't need to find a copywriter for a killer copy.

July 11th, 2020

5 Legendary Pitch Decks

Many startups want to raise funding at some stage. If you need to raise funding from VCs for your startup, the first step is to create a pitch deck.

July 9th, 2020

Don't Be a PM If You Cannot Read

As Product Managers, the way our brains work affects our business tremendously. It affects our customer relationships, engagement, and virality of the startup. Thus we all need to think of our brains as a lean startup and continuously develop it. In this article, we will make a list of essential books for product managers based on personal experience.

July 4th, 2020

How Average People Like Mark Zuckerberg Create Viral Products

Virality is in our nature as startup founders. Most of us believe that virality is due to luck. However, it is not always true. In this post, we will talk about 5 ways to build virality in your product.

July 3rd, 2020

What Will Be Your Next Feature?

Deciding on the next feature is tricky and we want to help you. In this article we will give you a simple guide to decide on your next big feature.

July 1st, 2020

Smoke Tests

You want to build the next big thing or do you have a game-changing idea? What if you could validate your idea even before developing an MVP version? Welcome to the world of Smoke Testing.

June 30th, 2020

Two Types of Users

When analyzing your data you have to take into account the country, device, OS, etc. But there is also something else that you have to think about: Type of user. In this article, we will explain the two types of users you have and how to take them into account.

June 28th, 2020

Reasons to Use Analytics Aside from Optimization

A lot of people see analytics as something extra. It doesn't matter if you have it or even as something only bigger companies should have. The opposite is true: You must have analytics before you have a product and before growing your company. In this article, we will explain why you should use analytics aside from optimization.

June 27th, 2020

Building Products, The Lean Way

Eric Ries, the author of Lean Startup, put on a presentation at the Web 2.0 Expo called "A Disciplined Approach To Imagining, Designing, And Building New Products". This presentation not only inspired this article but also had a huge effect on our perspective when it comes to building Tractific. In this article, we will explain how to build products, the lean way.

June 26th, 2020

4 Types of Cluster Analysis

In this article we will explain a great method to analyze your data, cluster analysis, and 4 types of it.

June 25th, 2020

Customer Cohort Analysis

Analytics is hard. What is harder than analyzing data is coming up with actionable insights to convert more. Most people are confused with the cohort analysis because they know that their reason to analyze data is to gain actionable insights, however, cohort analysis is hard to interpret. In this article, we are going to explain cohort analysis in-depth but simple enough to enable you to interpret your users' actions.

June 23rd, 2020

North Star Metric

In the world of analytics a lot of people are searching for their 'North Star Metric'. North Star Metric is only an exercise that is helpful for a company's team to focus on a goal, instead of multiple goals. This article will simplify the process of finding your North Star Metric with a simple guide and examples.

June 22nd, 2020

Finding the Best Marketing Channel for Your Business

In our last article, we explained 11 marketing channels you can use to promote your business. But here is the real deal: Finding the most efficient channel. Everybody wants to find the perfect marketing channel for their business because every business has scarce resources at the beginning and it is not efficient to use 11 channels at once. This article, with the help of “Traction", will help you to find the right channel for your business.

June 20th, 2020

11 Marketing Channels You Can Use to Grow Your Business

In this post, we are going to introduce you to the 11 marketing channels you can use to promote your business. Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg wrote an excellent book called Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth and this post's main inspiration is their book.

June 19th, 2020

MVP vs Beta

As startups become viral, we see MVP and Beta versions everywhere. However, a lot of founders misuse these terms. Some even use them as synonyms. In this article, we will explain what MVP and Beta are and also the differences between them.

June 17th, 2020

The great trap of SaaS Businesses: Vanity Metrics

Every business's goal is to grow as much as possible and metrics are an essential part of growth. If you cannot measure your metrics, you cannot grow. This is a known fact. But as with everything metrics varies in terms of usefulness too. There are vanity metrics and actionable metrics. In this post, vanity metrics will be discussed in-depth with SaaS examples.

June 15th, 2020

Similarities of High Converting Landing Pages

Your landing page is your product's showcase, in some cases, it is your product. As we are building Tractific, we have been looking at highly converting landing pages. After seeing hundreds of them, we noticed certain features that all of them have. In this post, some of those features will be discussed with examples.

June 10th, 2020

Conversion Rate: What is It and How to Optimize It?

Conversion rate is one of the most important measures of the success of an online business. It is the percentage of users who take a desired action. In this article, we give an overview of its optimization and some things to avoid during this process.

May 29th, 2020